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02-16-09 - Update from Malawi on Solar Cooker project

› Posted February 16, 2009

Sustainable Resources, Ltd, received an update from our man on the ground, McDonald, as to the status of the solar cooker project up to this point. As you read his message you get a sense of the momentum the project is generating as an alternative to using fire. He writes:

"The solar cooker project is going on well and I have been to Chikwawa / Lower shire where we have established a solar cooker pilot project in T/A Chapananga area. This is in conjunction with African Parks / Majete Game reserve. A group of 30 women are in the solar cooking working group and are teaching the others. I have also attached a picture of the parabolic cooker, (see photo section), which a Dutch friend who initiated the Chikwawa project sent to me. The frame was assembled here and he only sent me the reflectors. It's expensive but works very well. This could be good for institutions like hospitals and schools. Will keep you updated on the progress."

In addition to McDonald's involvement with the solar cooker project, school students in the U.S. are also working to raise funds for the project through the New Global Citizens program. We are thankful to McDonald and the students for all their hard work!