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05-04-09 - Bon Voyage Land Cruiser!

› Posted May 4, 2009

After many months of feverish preparation, our 1984 Land Cruiser will be hitting the docks of Long Beach, CA for shipment to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Here is a brief update from Dr. Jan Snyder:

"A new phase for Sustainable Resource, Ltd, is underway. In anticipation of our trip to Malawi in July, we are on our way to Long Beach to deliver our '84 Toyota Land Cruiser to the dock for shipment to Dar es Salaam. The plan is for us to pick up the vehicle in Dar and drive it to Malawi where we will use it upon each of our future trips. Yes, we have means to secure it while gone but I must admit to being a bit nervous, (after spending about three years in getting it ready for use in Malawi), over sending it through Somalian waters. At least the odds are with us since only about 1% of the ships that go through those waters ends up being pirated. The Land Cruiser will be delivered today and the ship is due to depart from Long Beach on May 11th. Arrival in Dar is sometime after mid July. The wait will be agonizing."

Finally, it is with great appreciation we acknowledge the generosity and support of Discount Tire for outfitting the Land Cruiser with new rubber! Please check our photo section for pictures.