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Photo Gallery

The Projects

Solar Cooker training in ChapanangaUnpacking devices for the handicapped in Lilongwe.Reconstruction of a Church at Ntchisi Mountain Village
Unpacking devices for the handicapped in Lilongwe.Technicians with Malawians Against Physical Disabilities (MAP).Meria Nowa Phiri, Ph.D showing the land she has donated for building the school for women and girls. She is seen, here, with McDonald, her nephew and our on-the-ground associate in Malawi.
Reconstruction of a Church at Ntchisi Mountain VillageReconstruction of a Church at Ntchisi Mountain VillageJames, Pastor of the Church, while under reconstruction at Ntchisi Mountain Village
Pastor, James, with his completed Church at Ntchisi Mountain VillageSolar cooker productionArizona State Univesity bioengineering student with a device designed and made for a young disabled Malawian person who has a need to exercise the upper limbs.
Screenshot of the Arizona State University Global Outreach website article on our Disabled Malawians project. See the site for more details!Screenshot of the Arizona State University main website featuring an article on our Disabled Malawians project. See for more details!Screenshot of the ASU Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering article on our Disabled Malawians project. For more details, please visit:
Our 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser was ready to embark on its trip to the shipping docks of Long Beach, CA. The final destination was: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!Our 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser was loaded on our transporter for its trip to the shipping docks of Long Beach, CA. Final destination: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! We had worked on the Land Cruiser for over three years to prepare it for travel in Malawi(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay. We unloaded our Land Cruiser at the Port of Long Beach. The license plate said it all!
While on our way to Malawi, in June of 2009, we first stopped in the West African Country of Ghana to learn about planting and managing Jatropha (sp) trees. These trees produce a bean that is, by weight, 50% oil, which can be harvested and used to make biodiesel, soap, cooking fuel, and many other useful products. The people you see with Jan were involved with research on Jatropha and generously spent days to help us learn about the development of a Jatropha plantation. When we left Ghana, they provided a large bag of Jatropha seeds for us to use in  Malawi. Anthony, in Senga Bay, Malawi, as he first sees the specially designed and built cycle that has been shipped from Arizona State University (July, 2009). We had interviewed Anthony in 2006 and it took three years before bioengineering students were able to design and build a proper cycle to meet his needs. This one has a number of features, not typically available in Malawi, such as multiple gears and an advanced hand cranking system.Anthony is shown with a captivating smile after his first test ride of his newly arrived cycle, in Senga Bay, Malawi. Anthony, stricken with Polio as a young child, and here in his 40's, is a successful woodcarver with a wonderful family. He commutes several kilometers from his house to his shop each day on his cycle so this new one, with multiple gears, brakes, and advanced hand powered crank system, with a basket in the rear, will greatly improve his ability to commute.
Orphans awaiting examination.Anastasia on her new hand cycle (July 2010) ZambiaAnthony, the wood carver, received his specially designed tricyle in July of 2009
Arizona State Univesity bioengineering students with their Wrist Rehabilitation project for a disabled Malawian person.Precious examination.Arizona State University bioengineering students with a leg brace device designed and made for a disabled Malawian person.
Annastazia Chima, shown in her village in Zambia in July of 2009, is a 15 year old girl who was affected by an undetermined illness at the age of 1. She cannot walk and has never been able to attend school but wants desperately to do so. She dreams of being a child-care server but cannot do so without going to school and needs both a wheelchair and exercise device to enhance her mobility. Bioengineering students at Arizona State University (school year 2009-10) are working to develop and build devices for Annstazia so she can attend school and eventually reach her goals.Villagers awaiting examination.Villager awaiting examination.
Shipment loaded in LandCruiser.Elizabeth on her cycle in 2010. The change in her spirit is remarkable over the three years since her device was delivered.Solar Cooker Training Group. This workshop was conducted by our associate, McDonald, who lives and works in Lilongwe, but also travels to villages to encourage use of solar cookers.

The People

Boy delivering live chickensTrucking to Nkhata Bay (2007)Edias Mpata has gone back to school, thanks to donations from a  group of women in Phoenix, and has now become manager of Mayoka Village where we stay when visiting Nhkata Bay, Malawi. With their help, she has been able to send her own children to school as well.
Dr. Snyder giving a 16 member church choir a lift. They sang as we rode down the highway.Bbwino School Assembly. This assemply was hosted by the school for the local parents and families. It represented an effort to convince parents, and young men, to encourage girls to stay in school.Wife of the Njewa Village Headsman who is very interested in our efforts to establish a school for women and girls there.
Clement Kadion who is a recipient for a device designed and built by bioengineering students at Arizona State UniversityFirewood on bicycle. Bicycles are used to carry many things in Malawi.Girls gathering firewood. This activity represents a daily chore for women and girls in Malawi. Seldom does one see men carrying firewood.
Joyce Chiusiwa who is also a recipient for a device that was designed and built by bioengineering students at Arizona State University.Mice on sticks. One often sees boys and young men along the roads selling these roasted rodents which people buy for food.Ntchisi School Playground
Dr. Snyder with the Ntchisi Church GroupNtchisi Mountain WomenJan gave this elderly man a ride in the back of the truck you see to his right, (left?). He had a long way to ride on a dirt road to the local Boma (town).
Recognition from the Rotary Club of Blantyre, MalawiStreet sweeper in LilongweChild at Ubwino School Assembly
Village nurse with her mother. They live in a residence provided by the local clinic.Efinas Zinyenda had her left foot burned off as a result of falling into a cooking fire when she was an infant.
Edias Mpata, here with Clarice, Tessa, and Jan, was a house keeper at Mayoka Village, a popular place to stay in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. We met her in 2006 and learned of her interest to return to school. Her story is typical of many Malawian women who are forced to marry young, bear children, and often left alone to care for their children. Edias had three of her own children and a niece from her deceased sister and she could not afford to attend school, and feed and house her family, on the small amount she made as a housekeeper. After we met Edias, a friend in Phoenix, with her local club, chose to support her with kind, though relatively small, donations. As little as it seemed to these kind people, Edias was able to go to school, move to improved housing, and send her children to school. Then her employers noticed that Edias' math skills had begun to improve and she was promoted several times where she is now in charge of taking care of the financial records and many of the management duties.Benefit Show for Sustainable Resources, Ltd. -
Dr. Jan Snyder -
Modified Arts - 4/30/09 - photo by Meghan Monteal BakerNtchisi school boys with canes designed to use in an exercise regime to strengthen their arms weakened by Cerebral Palsy. The canes have built in springs and were designed and made by bioengineering students from Arizona State University.
Anthony with his new tricycle that was designed and fabricated by Arizona State University senior bioengineering studentsDisabled Ntchisi school girlElizabeth, a disabled Zambian woman who now has a yellow tricycle designed and built by bioengineering students at Arizona State University. You can see her tricyle being unpacked in other photos in this gallery.
McDonald is the Malawian with whom we work on some projects (like the solar cooker and efforts to establish the School for Women and Girls). He provides reliable assistance and has demonstrated great interest in doing what he can to improve conditions for Malawian people in general.Dr. Snyder with Meria, Njewa village Headsman and his family 

The Places

A study in contrasts: Approach to the Lilongwe Airport over villages that seem to come from another time.Kuche Kuche - the National Beer of MalawiMalawians Against Physical Disabilities (MAP) workshop. Notice the partially completed tricycles outside the shop. These are built for men, seldom women, who have Polio. Most people in Malawi with Polio are men.
Morning at Mayoka Village, Nhkata Bay, Malawi.Sunrise on Ntichisi MountainOn the road to Nhkata Bay. This mode of transportation is the rule rather than the exception.
Mountain biking Malawi!Sunset on the Luangwa River 

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