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Mission Statement: Bringing the first world to the third world to enhance quality of life.

Sustainable Resources provides support to enterprises in developing countries.

The objective of Sustainable Resources is to identify and support industries or projects that provide jobs, education, or basic human needs to those people that are in most need of fundamental support in order to escape the cycle of poverty. The vision of Sustainable Resources is to primarily be a technical and educational resource, and also to be a source of "seed money" to create and support locally owned/operated sustainable industries and educational centers. To this end, it is not the goal of Sustainable Resources to be an ongoing source of "charitable" donations; we intend to provide start-up assistance, and then enlist the abilities of the recipients to continue to sustain and benefit from each industry after it has been established.

It is through the personal experience and research of the members of Sustainable Resources that traditional charity, while noble and necessary, does not break the cycle of poverty; in fact, it often creates a culture of "entitlement" by convincing the recipients that they do not have any resources or talents of their own to overcome their circumstances, and therefore the best they can ever hope for is to rely on the precarious generosity of outsiders.

Sustainable Resources envisions a better way: we envision a partnership with the recipients of service. All of the projects under consideration share the common theme of "helping those who help themselves"; the recipients of the projects must be determined in advance to be able and willing to sustain these projects after start-up. Sustainable Resources talks to the local villagers, local officials and headsmen to determine what projects are feasible for continued sustainability on the local level.

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